Pennsylvania round two!


They are the cake and ice cream of this party.



Cute and cuddly beautiful somethings.


I think the wilts are part of their appeal.




Gotta love ’em.


He has a thing for staring right at your soul.

What a little observant angel in his little sublime shirt!


He’s like: “Chyeah dude, I know right?!”


“Hungry for adventure.”




He’s going for it.





You could say he was totally DIGGING his new badass old school Tonka Toy!



I really love how the bottom of this car is purple and not red.


Ball is life.

Cobi is unexcited that it is time to go home from this particularly interesting day at the park, in which we encountered another kid who was born on the exact same day and year as Cobi!


There was also an interesting incident among the local hoodlums in which the police were called. Four cars roll up. NONE of them leave.

But we did!





Day at the lake!

Nichole is some kind of super hero. Look at all the stuff she is carrying. Meanwhile I am wandering behind on pool noodle duty.



What a beautiful lake.

It’s not Fuller Lake, but one of the waterholes nearby.

Less-Fuller perhaps?

Or More-Fuller we feeling optimistic.


It was originally dug out for mining purposes, “then they hit water,” explains some man whose nephew was fishing (pictured kid). Apparently that also explains why it is so cold and deep, he claims around 80 ft.

You can see the fish on the end of his line in the water.

(It is the dark smudge line in the right of thirds in the shaded portion of crystal green lake water.)



If you just look to the left, this is a vivid portrayal of the lake experience is actually  like.

All of the humans which wish to interact with the lake, on a deep physical level, are rallied up to into this little swim corral. The boundaries of the corral are made clear by brightly colored ropes.


 Here, these lounging rebels push the less populated limits of the swim corral.


A stream to the right runs along side the lake to the left.


This was something once.

It still kind of is.


Mid-air shot of Cobi victoriously tossing a corn (bag, sac, thing) right for its hole.


This should be used to market this flamingo.


Cobi learns to share.




We come full circle.

Back on the home front.

This was most of the Pennsylvania experience. Chillin’ like villains, clownin’ with Cobi and Murphy.


Nichole was literally born for the stay at home mom life. She is my second best friend to enter parenthood; it undeniably changes the dynamic of any friendship, (like duh, no more reckless renegades, there is a little precious life to look after now) but at this point I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Cobi is great in all of his “terrible twos”-ness, though I make stupid remarks that piss Nichole off like, “If he is going to be taking shits like that, he needs to be pooping in the toilet” doesn’t mean really anything except the fact I don’t know anything about anything pertaining to children/ raising them.

Nichole and I used to spend our actual summers together and this is the longest we have kicked it, day-in/day-out in our adult lives and it was cool cause its almost like we were kids again…

Going to the park.

Eatin’ snackies.

Watching movies.

Takin nap-ies…

No complaints, it’s a good, comfortable life here. Tyler’s brother and his wife live just a few houses over. They are swell people and have adorable dogs.IMG_1493

I know that Nichole always has a homie close by to kick it with and help with Cobi, Audry is a great aunt! I wish the best for everyone, I had a lovely Carlisle experience and wouldn’t mind visiting again but I do hope the Conways do eventually move back to Arizona!

Until then, Carlisle is a cool town. Things grow there. Flowers bloom. People chill have really nice porches.


This house features a small version of itself on the porch.


People grow things here.

Like Families and stuff.







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